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Over the last few days, the situation in Uganda seems to be deteriorating. While a majority of the available news comes from the political capital of Kampala in the South, there is some information coming from the Northern regions where CVAP is to travel. There has been more riots and according to some reports upwards of 300 people have been arrested. In the most bizarre report that I have seen so far, The Daily Monitor quoted the Deputy Prime Minister as saying that the deaths in recent violence should be blamed on “the British and the Americans who manufacture bullets”.

Also, recently, it appears that Western nations have begun to take more visible interest in the events of Uganda. Currently they are accused of clearly siding with the opposition in the country, though some reports indicate the West is simply keeping an eye on the human rights situation of the country. I have only been able to find one mention of this, but it also seems that the President of Uganda is willing to hold talks with the opposition movement, something that he was previously unwilling to do. The Daily Monitor suspects this is due to international pressure being applied on President Museveni to accommodate the opposition. This report was published today, so I am not aware of when these talks would take place. Though there seems to be rising unrest in the streets, these more political moves could bring stability, I hope.

I am still having a hard time adjusting to the kind of waiting mode that the current situation creates. There is still the possibility that the unrest will not end before CVAP is set to travel to Uganda. In this case, CVAP would not travel this year and would postpone us until next summer. In light of this, all of us in CVAP are in a kind of limbo. We do not know if we will travel to Uganda or not and will not know until at least the beginning of June. This makes it difficult to plan any kind of activities for the summer.


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